About Pecora Brothers

Pecora Brothers, Inc., provides exceptional construction management and consulting services to residents and businesses in and around Fairfield County, Connecticut. Since 1995, Pecora Brothers has worked to bring professional oversight and managerial services to clients both large and small.

A well-regarded company, Pecora Brother has gained respect throughout Connecticut for its dedication to quality and superior design. Pecora Brothers takes pride in serving as one of the finest builders in Fairfield County. Utilizing its expertise and understanding of what it takes to build an exceptional home or business, Pecora Brothers has maintained a solid reputation in the area of residential and commercial construction since 2001.

The staff at Pecora Brothers includes Joseph and Sylvester Pecora, along with an experienced team of professionals with proficiency in various aspects of residential and commercial construction. The staff at Pecora Brothers also includes experts in the field of design and construction management. Over the years, they have remained instrumental in the design and construction of structures ranging from custom homes to shopping centers.

Pecora Brothers is renowned for its tradition of excellence and creativity. With over 70 years of combined experience, Pecora Brothers offers homeowners with a broad array of choices when it comes to building or renovation. With a staff of seasoned experts, Pecora Brothers has designed, planned, and constructed a wide range of building projects in the Fairfield County area.

In addition, Pecora Brothers provides businesses and homeowners with a variety of renovations services, including room additions. Whether a business has outgrown its facility and needs to add square footage or seeks to build in a new location, Pecora Brothers possesses the staff and expertise to handle the job.


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